Deep Hole Drilling
Deep Hole Drilling
Deep Hole Drilling


Creating a hole through material can be a costly and time-consuming in mechanical engineering. In addition, the required material grade may not be available in Hollow Bar or may be a non-standard size. Special Steels specialises in providing engineering steel with a hole in it. We can meet most client requirements by combining our deep hole drilling, profile cutting, hollow bar size range, and in-house lathe.

Deep Hole Drilling

Special Steels provides deep hole drilling to ensure that we deliver components that comply with customer specified requirements.

We drill holes through round bars to create non-standard hollow bar grades and sizes.

Discuss your deep hole drilling needs with a salesperson at Special Steels. We offer highly customised, just-in-time solutions from our team of experts.

drilling size parameters

With our Deep Hole Drilling machine, we are able to drill to the following specifications:

Parameters Minimum Maximum
Bar Diameter 50mm 500mm
Hole Length 180mm 3,700mm
Hole Diameter 24mm 180mm

Drilling Tolerances:

  • Black Bar – 3mm over a meter
  • Bright Bar – 1mm over a meter

Hollow Bar (ST52 & 16Mn)

Ring Profiling

Special Steels provides ring profile cutting service on the steel plates that we sell.

The focus of our ring profile cutting service is to deliver cut components of exacting and consistent dimensional tolerances with a high quality cut finish. By so doing, we aim to save our clients time and money through reduced setup times and reduced cutting tip wear.

  • Amada Co2 Optic Laser: cutting capability up to 25mm thickness
  • Messer Plasma (high definition): cutting capability 20 mm to 45mm thickness
  • Messer Oxy Fuel: cutting capability 20mm to 300mm thickness

We have sourced the latest technology in ring profiling and we deliver profiled products with special attention to edge finishing and consistent dimensional tolerances.

Submit a drawing for the ring profiling you want done or simply make contact with our sales department.

Ring size parameters

We are able to create rings to the following specifications:

OD ID (min) Max. Length
100-550mm 70mm 300mm
70-95mm 30mm 100mm