Special Steels Cutting Services
Special Steels Cutting Services
Special Steels Cutting Services

Cutting for CNC machining aims to deliver the following benefits to our clients:

  • Minimise machining preparation work on the steel
  • Reduce machine set-up times
  • Offer consistent dimensional tolerances for high volume production
  • Minimise material wastage

We also aim to save our clients time and money through our round bars’ accurate and consistent diameters.

High Volume Precision Cutting

High Volume Precision Cutting

Special Steels uses CNC cutting machines to supply its customers with high volumes of steel. Our cutting philosophy transcends the essential ‘buy-cut-sell’ process because we add value to our materials by cutting precisely to customer required lengths.

Special Steels machines cut large volumes with incredible speed and accuracy, suitable for customers who manufacture large volumes of CNC machined components.

To facilitate this, our range of cutting equipment includes, amongst others:

  • Everising P-150 circular saws and band saws
  • Behringer and Amada band saws
  • Messer Oxyfuel and Plasma machines
  • Amada Laser Machine

Special Steels adheres to our customer’s tolerances by performing regular quality control inspections.

Profile cutting

Special Steels provides profile cutting services, and we supply steel plate in a variety of grades. See the related offers below for the different types of steel plate that we stock.

The focus of our profile cutting service is to deliver cut components of exacting and consistent dimensional tolerances with a high-quality cut finish.

  • Amada Laser Machine: cutting capability up to 25mm thickness
  • Messer Plasma (high definition): cutting capability up to 40mm thickness
  • Messer Oxy Fuel: cutting capability up to 300mm thickness

Please submit a drawing for the profiling you want to be done or contact our sales department.


Edge Preparation

Special Steels adds value by bevelling or chamfering material edges to ensure that materials are ready to be machined or welded when it arrives at your factory.

We bevel and chamfer the sharp edges on all the products we supply to make them safer to handle. Bevelled and chamfered edges are also used to create a space for two plates to be welded to each other.

Special Steels offers complimentary bevelling and chamfering to further improve on lead times for customers who rely on materials that are ready to be further worked on arrival.

By cutting a bevel or chamfer one improves dimensional tolerances which improves the precision with which edges fit together, especially before welding while fabricating steel products.

You can request edge preparation from Special Steels when ordering any of our round bar, hollow bar or profiled steel plate components.